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Eurogentec is an EU- and FDA-inspected CDMO manufacturing plasmid DNA, RNA and proteins for clinical phases and market supply. We offer process development, GMP and GMP-like manufacturing, quality control testing, and ICH stability studies.

We manufacture pDNA as API or as starting material for viral vector and mRNA production. Our experience includes plasmids between 2.5 to 16kbp up to the kg scale.  Our new FastTrack service is designed to deliver the pDNA of interest in 4 months.

Eurogentec is a pioneer in producing enzymatic and chemically synthesized RNA (mRNA, samRNA, gRNA, siRNA). We manufacture at scales from 300mg to 50g, sizes from 600 to 27,000 nucleotides, for clinical and commercial phases.

With 25+ years of experience as CDMO, we have developed over 200 GMP processes and released more than 800 GMP batches, to support our clients. Eurogentec is based in Belgium and is part of the Kaneka group since 2010.

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