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Flash Therapeutics

Flash Therapeutics is a gene therapy company developing gene and cell-based therapies leveraging its proprietary lentiviral production platform. The Company is built around the Vectalys lentiviral platform, which includes its patented non-integrative LentiFlash® technology, and integrative lentiviral vectors. By providing efficient, transient and short-term RNA delivery, LentiFlash is suitable for gene editing and other advanced therapeutic approaches. When stable DNA expression is needed (immunotherapies such as CAR T cells), integrative lentiviral vectors will be the delivery method of choice. Both technologies benefit from novel production and purification processes developed and continually optimized since 2005. Flash Therapeutics is advancing two business lines: therapeutic development based on LentiFlash, with internal programs for blood and liver diseases; development and manufacturing support to companies worldwide pursuing lentiviral-based therapies. Flash Therapeutics was established in 2018 through the merger of FlashCell, a gene therapy company developing LentiFlash®; and Vectalys, a 13-year old lentiviral vector manufacturer.

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