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InnovaVector is a CDMO operator that specializes in the production of AAV vectors. We have ~20 years history of providing clients over 3000 R&D grade AAV vectors for research and preclinical studies for all major serotypes. We routinely solve our client’s vector or plasmid design requirements.

InnovaVector is expanding operations to provide material for phase I/II clinical trials, when our new state of the art GMP facility comes online in 2023.

Our highly experienced scientific team with extensive cGMP background and broad AAV knowhow has helped us build an excellent reputation in AAV gene therapy world.

We bring Client’s innovative clinical idea to life – through AAV!

InnovaVector is a lively international working community with rapidly expanding career opportunities, that people aspire to work for. Located in subtropical Campania-region in Pozzuoli (Naples) on Mediterranean seashore and surrounded by ancient architectural recoveries, we provide modern healthcare solutions using AAV Gene therapy.



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