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NanoFCM has developed Nano-flow cytometry, a technology that can perform multiple parameter analysis on sub-micron particles, which are typically too small to be detected by conventional and micro flow cytometry.

In addition to the assessment of fluorescent probes on small particles, Nano-flow cytometry measures particle size, size distribution and concentration with the accuracy & resolution equivalent to electron microscopy.

The NanoAnalyzer platform offers a flexible, high throughput solution to both academic and private research organisations working on EVs. Operating similarly to a conventional flow cytometer, it lets operators screen for a wide array of biological markers, whether they are present at the surface or inside the particle. Fluorescence-based detection can perform using a vast array of fluorophores already commercially available and familiar staining protocols. By simultaneously measuring the scatter signal for each particle, it is possible to derive the size characteristics of each subpopulation, as well as their absolute concentration.



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