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Xpress Biologics

Xpress Biologics, part of Polyplus, is a dynamic and customer-oriented Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) specialized in the development of manufacturing processes based on microbial expression systems (E. coli and P. pastoris) and the production of Biologics (recombinant proteins, antibody fragments and plasmid DNA) for the therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic markets.

Xpress Biologics acts as One-Stop-Shop from Process Development services to the production of GMP grade material.

Our unique DNA manufacturing platform allows the production of up to 20 g of R&D, HQ (High Quality) and GMP grade plasmid DNA. Our DNA manufacturing process has been shown to be efficient for the production of many types of plasmid DNA including small and large DNA backbones, low and high-copy number vectors, supercoiled plasmids including LTR or ITR for the manufacturing of LV and AAV, and linearized plasmid including a polyA tail for the manufacturing of mRNA.

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