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Dan Peer

University of Tel Aviv

Dan Peer is a Professor and the Director of the Laboratory of Precision NanoMedicine at Tel Aviv University (TAU). He is also the Vice President for Research and Development at Tel Aviv University. From 2017 - Present, he is the Founding and Managing Director of the SPARK program of Translational Medicine at TAU.

Prof. Peer’s work was among the first to demonstrate systemic delivery of RNA molecules using targeted nanocarriers to the immune system and he pioneered the use of RNA interference (RNAi) in immune cells. His lab was the first to show systemic, cell specific delivery of mRNA in an animal to induce therapeutic gene expression of desired proteins. This has enormous implications in cancer, inflammation and infectious diseases. In addition, his lab was the first to show systemic high efficiency, cell specific therapeutic genome editing in cancer.

Recently, his lab showed the first bacterial mRNA vaccines approach against highly lethal, antibiotic resistance strain.

Prof. Peer has more than 145 pending and granted patents. Some of them have been licensed to several pharmaceutical companies and one is currently under registration (as a new biological drug in Inflammatory Bowel Disease). In addition, based on his work, four spin-off companies were generated aiming to bring innovative personalized medicine into clinical practice.

Prof. Peer received more than 35 awards and honors and he serves on the scientific advisory board and as Board Member of more than 15 companies, and on the editorial board of more than 20 journals. In 2014, he was elected to the Israel Young Academy and in 2023 he was elected to the National Academy of Engineers (USA).

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