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Transforming healthcare for billions of people.

As the burden of disease grows and the population ages, we believe that science is key to helping unlock the answers to healthcare challenges.

Empowered by digital, data and AI, science is accelerating our understanding of disease. Our ability to predict success. Deliver life changing medicines. And increase engagement in the clinic and beyond.

We are harnessing science to create novel therapies and vaccines. Help people with chronic diseases live better, healthier lives. Redefine cancer care. And pioneer treatments for rare diseases.

We are doing all this ethically and sustainably, rapidly becoming carbon negative. Helping make healthcare systems more resilient and increasing access to healthcare for patients.

And, by working inclusively and collaboratively across our company and with others, we are supporting new talent and ideas.

Science is sustaining and growing the success of our company, helping us transform the future of healthcare, and the health of people, society and the planet.


What science can do

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