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Edinburgh Innovations

The unique skills, expertise and facilities at the University of Edinburgh offer a range of engineering biology tools and technologies to drive novel advanced therapeutics in Cell and Gene Therapy/Regenerative Medicine, Biomanufacturing and Drug discovery/development. We are actively pursuing a broad range of approaches from engineering novel AAV viral capsids, novel RNA polymerases for mRNA production, systems for controlling gene expression levels through to optimising existing Industrial CHO lines for increased yield and performance. Our Genome Foundry is the most advanced fully automated biofoundry worldwide which, coupled with our Beacon Optofluidic system, offers a rapid design-test-learn engineering biology cycle. This has been successfully utilised in several applications including therapeutic protein and biologics production from CHO, antibody discovery and we are looking for partners to use it for T Cell assays and selection. If you are interested in connecting, find us at the conference or get in touch:; .

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