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Founded in 1998, Aldevron serves the biotechnology industry with custom production of nucleic acids and proteins. Thousands of clients worldwide rely on Aldevron-produced plasmid DNA, RNA, gene editing enzymes and more for biological research projects from discovery to clinical trials and commercial applications. These efforts help accelerate development of treatments for diseases such as cancer, infectious disease, pediatric disorders and rare diseases.

Aldevron specializes in cGMP manufacturing and is known for inventing the GMP-Source® quality system. Our mission is to be a partner in the development of medicines that improve patients’ lives while serving clients, employees, and the community, while constantly looking for new and better ways to give researchers the products and services they need.

Aldevron operates the one of the world's largest cGMP plasmid DNA manufacturing in Fargo, North Dakota, which serves as company headquarters, with additional facilities in Madison, Wisconsin.

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