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Reyon Pharmaceutical

Reyon Pharmaceutical (KOSPI 102460) is a globally recognized chemical/biopharmaceutical manufacturer, established in South Korea in 1955. With a rich history as one of the pioneers in the Cell and Gene Therapy field in South Korea, Reyon significantly specializes and focuses in the production of Plasmid DNA as the starting material for ATMPs(Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products), such as viral vectors, mRNA and CAR-T therapies.

In order to provide timely services to our esteemed clients, Reyon recently completed the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing campus spanning 75,000㎡ in 2022 - This facility adheres to GMP standards and is specifically designed for focusing on the production of plasmid DNA - As a result, Reyon offers plasmid DNA CMO services in a commercial-scale, high-quality production capacities for your CGT pipelines with a lead time of 30 weeks from day one. Additionally, 5 weeks lead time for small-scale is guaranteed as in-laboratory manufacturing.

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