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Spun out of Newcastle University (UK) in 2017 by the three co-founders, Professor Che Connon, Dr Steve Swioklo and Dr Mick Mclean, Atelerix have designed an innovative approach to the storage and transportation across the world of fresh cells, tissues, and viruses.

Our approach treats cells as the fragile, sensitive, living entities that they are. Our aim is to protect biological products from biochemical and physical damage, retaining viability and function without the need for cryopreservation.

Our plant-based hydrogels are pharmaceutical grade high purity alginates. Cells, tissues, or viruses are encapsulated by the gel which stabilises lipid membrane integrity during hypothermic storage. Cells live and in a state of "hibernation" allowing them to be safely stored and/or shipped for extended periods of time. When required they are quickly "awoken" upon return to physiological temperatures in the same state they entered.

Our products extend the time that biological samples can be stored at hypothermic temperatures resulting in a consistently high yield, viability, and function for longer.



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