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Many Tasks – One Name: Cellex Cell Professionals GmbH

Cellex is offering the complete spectrum of services in the field of cell and gene therapies for partners worldwide. Our scope is R&D, clinical as well as commercial manufacturing and testing.

Cellex started its operation in the very first field of cell therapy with the Cellex Collection Center in 2001 offering stem cell collections from unrelated donors for leukemia patients. Meanwhile Cellex runs the largest and with regard to allogeneic donations most experienced centers worldwide.

Today focused on CGT, Cellex manufactures as a CDMO in two state-of-the-art GMP facilities different cell products (intermediates, final products) using various techniques (separation, genetic modification using viral vectors, gene editing using CRISPR Cas, expansion and cryopreservation); all processes are adapted to customers` needs. Based on profound experience in EU and FDA regulations, Cellex stands for a successful tech transfer of processes from US to Europe and the other way around.

Cellex runs a registry with a highly diverse donor pool; together with the Cellex registry network we support R&D, clinical or commercial requests with customized cell products (leukopak, bone marrow, whole blood ….).

Centralized management using secure and efficient IT solutions and well established transport solutions round off the comprehensive Cellex portfolio.

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