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Houston Gene Therapeutics

I’m Paul Hermonat, PhD, CEO, ( and I’ve founded Houston Gene Therapeutics, Inc ( in 2022 to carry out HGT’s vision and goals.  At HGT our goals are to create and deliver AAV-based gene therapies (AAV-GT) to treat the major diseases of our time (cardiovascular disease, cancer, and aging).  Our AAV vectors use human genes as “drugs” and we would expect these treatments to usually have higher efficacy, being more integrated into our metabolism, than small molecule drugs (pills).  Additionally, AAV-GT is known to last 10 years in patients.  Our initial AAV product HGT-Cardio-1 (not yet FDA approved), is protected by USP 11,091,524 and 11,274,134.  Using a multi-study-comparison we see that 3 statin\ studies (pills), using LDLR-KO/HCD animal model, inhibit atherosclerosis by an average of 27%, while our HGT-Cardio-1 inhibits by 80%.  This suggests our HGT-Cardio-1 will become a new standard of care.  More products are under development.

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