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Ncardia is a pioneering company focused on accelerating the delivery of therapies to patients, by bringing human biology into the early stages of the drug discovery process. Through our expertise in automated screenings and assays, we enable therapeutic developers to make confident decisions earlier, saving them valuable time and resources.

Our custom disease models unequivocally replicate human biology in vitro, providing enhanced predictability during early drug discovery phases. We excel in large-scale manufacturing procedures for various cell types, ensuring scalability with minimal batch-to-batch variability.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of assays to study specific phenotypes of interest and select clinically relevant readouts. Our fully automated, high-throughput platforms minimize variability and boosts confidence during critical decision-making stages.

By integrating human iPSC technologies, we facilitate faster progress to your goals and enable earlier critical decision-making in the drug development process. At Ncardia, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with the necessary tools and expertise to bridge the translatability gap, revolutionize drug discovery and help bring life-changing therapies to patients faster.

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