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PhoenixBio ― supplier of the PXB-mouse® and PXB-cells®, provides comprehensive drug development study services including those tailored for gene therapy involving liver-specific genes. The PXB-mouse®, the world’s most widely used humanized liver chimeric mouse model for preclinical drug development, features up to 95% mouse-to-human hepatocyte replacement, ensuring accurate and predictable translatability in pre-clinical development studies resulting in accelerated discovery pipelines.

PXB-cells®, hepatocytes freshly isolated from the PXB-mouse®, are also available for in vitro study services or direct shipment. Long-term stability, high enzyme activity, and study-to-study consistency make PXB-cells® superior to cryopreserved cells.

In addition to gene therapy study services, PhoenixBio also provides turnkey preclinical comprehensive DMPK, toxicity, safety, and hepatitis-related study services for pharmaceutical discovery and development utilizing both the PXB-mouse® and PXB-cells® models.



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