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PhoenixBio ― supplier of in vivo and in vitro Humanized Chimeric Liver Models (PXB-Mouse / PXB-Cells). We also offer comprehensive preclinical drug development study services, with wide experience in Oligo/Gene Therapy, DMPK/Tox/Safety, NASH/NAFLD, and HBV/HDV.


· Highly humanized liver with human hepatocyte replacement ~90%

· Histologically normal liver and stable human albumin secretion for lifespan of the mouse

· Expresses functional human specific metabolic, transporter, and excretory pathways

· Amenable to AAV transduction, LNP transfection and GalNAc ASO delivery in the liver

PhoenixBio offers PXB-cells (Primary Human Hepatocytes freshly isolated from PXB-mice). PXB-cells represent a consistent, reliable, on-demand source of high-quality single donor Primary Human Hepatocytes for in vitro Applications.


· Stable in culture for 30 days or more

· Greater than 95% human hepatocytes purity

· Supplied from same single human donor for 3 – 5 years

· Suitable for 2D, 3D culture systems

· Freshly plated in multiple formats including 24-well, 96-well, and T75 flask



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