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SPARTA Biodiscovery

SPARTA® – Single Particle Automated Raman Trapping Analysis – was developed as an answer to the pressing need for novel analytical tools specifically designed for nanoformulation analysis and to meet the demands of R&D and quality control requirements of the next generation of pharmaceuticals.

The company’s flagship product is a bench-top instrument developed through years of innovative research by multidisciplinary UK-based experts in analytics, chemistry, optics and bioengineering from the highly renowned Stevens Group at Imperial College London.

SPARTA’s Agis I instrument utilises a unique combination of optical trapping and highly sensitive Raman spectroscopy to measure the chemical composition of both carrier and cargo, in a rapid, easy to use, and label-free system. From lipid nanoparticles to viral vectors the single particle resolution of SPARTA enables accurate chemical analysis of nanoparticles in a compact and easy to use bench-top product.

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