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NanoEntek leads the charge in life science research, offering cutting-edge products for laboratories worldwide. Our mission is to empower scientists by continually redefining the boundaries of biological exploration.

At the heart of our success is Countess™ (originally EVE), the world's first personal cell counter, setting a new standard in cell counting technology. Building on this achievement, we've introduced series of cell counters and cell analyzers including, EVE™ series for academic labs, ADAM™ CellT for cGMP facilities, and ADAMII™ LS for precise fluorescence analysis. Our ADAMII™ CDx ensures meticulous quality control in cell therapy manufacturing, while EVE™ HT/FL provides high-throughput automation for efficient workflows.

Committed to innovation, we invest heavily in research and development, integrating emerging technologies like machine learning for intelligent data analysis and automation. NanoEntek remains dedicated to empowering scientists with the tools they need to unlock the mysteries of biological systems.



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