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Ilona Reischl


Ilona Reischl joined the Austrian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency AGES MEA in March 2006 and has been affiliated with the Clinical Trials Unit since then, and as head of unit until 2019. This division in the Institute Surveillance is responsible for clinical trials with medicinal products or medical devices and GCP inspections. Since 2019 her main focus has been on regulatory tasks on the European level.

A PhD in immunology/allergology followed the initial degree in pharmacy, thereafter postdoctoral experience at an industrial research institute (AT), at the University of Southampton (UK) and at the National Institutes of Health (USA). The current regulatory focus started with a dual research/regulatory position at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Ilona Reischl is a quality assessor for biologics and the Austrian member of the European Medicines Agency Committee for Advanced Therapies and the Biologics Working Party. She is actively involved in manufacturing, procedural and scientific issues pertaining to biotech products in general and ATMPs in particular. Current regulatory activities focus on the interface of medicinal products and medical devices, including in vitro diagnostics during development and licensure.

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