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Sartorius is a leading international partner of the biopharmaceutical industry and the research sector. Our goal is for more people to have better access to better medicines. We are helping biotech to develop and manufacture medications. At ESCGT we highlight two progressive technologies supporting cell and gene therapy.

Sartorius patented Ksep®technology works through the balance of centrifugal and fluid flow forces, retaining particles, such as cells or microcarriers, as a concentrated fluidized bed under a continuous flow of media or buffer.  This provides significant advantages to those who wish to harvest cells as product or separate cells and debris-free media.

The Sartorius family of CIM® monoliths is ideal for preparatory and analytical applications as well as immobilization screening. CIM® (Convective Interaction Media) monoliths are designed as unique, single-unit structures – making them ideal for purifying very large biomolecules with a very small lab footprint. Large molecules are used commonly in modern gene therapy and vaccines products, and include virus particles, vesicles, RNA, plasmids, and other forms of DNA.

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