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Part of Tecniplast Group of Companies ( is a leading brand of Contamination Control Equipment strongly involved in the technological changes that are taking place in the world of Life Sciences and Cell & Gene Therapies. We, as a partner, help you to bring Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) to the clinic and beyond, and ensure sustainable and affordable introduction of ATMPs into healthcare.

Bioair Advanced Therapies Isolators designed specifically for the production of ATMP in a GMP environment, together with the experience and know-how of our engineers highly skilled in the validation and servicing of these sophisticated systems, can support the enormous potential of these innovative medicines for a wide range of chronic diseases, increasing the number of products to the market and consequently to the number of treatments available to patients.

ISOCellPRO® 4.0 - a clean room in 1m3 - is the ideal Bioair solution for GMP production in closed systems (AinD) of ATMPs Gene therapy Somatic Cell-based Therapy or Tissue engineering products.

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