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The Molecular Mingle


This year's Congress social evening, the Molecular Mingle, takes place on Wednesday 25th October, at the Gare Maritime in Tour & Taxis. Join us at this unique venue for dinner, dancing and mingling!

The 2023 Molecular Mingle is sponsored by

Gare Maritime is a pioneering hub combining unexpected retail, work and hang out experiences, located along the canal in the progressive city district of Tour & Taxis, the same as where the congress is being organised. The historic station concourse that was part of the Gare Maritime has been transformed into an indoor city with its own food hall, exclusive shops and offices. Countless unique and inspiring areas and warm, wooden structures alternate in this building complex. The monumental nave is a true architectural eye-catcher, bathed in indirect sunlight. Any activity  in the Gare Maritime is green. Sustainability has been key during the renovation works. The building generates its own energy from renewable sources, using geothermic and solar panels. The green boulevards on either side of the nave are lined with themed gardens and tall trees, as if the adjacent park found its way inside.

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 18.45.17.png

Congress delegates can purchase subsidised Molecular Mingle tickets when registering for the event. Delegates can also book up to two full-price guest tickets.

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