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Kuhner Shaker

Kuhner Shaker is a Swiss family owned company with a focus on shaken technologies for the Life Science market. Founded in 1949 we develop and manufacture Shaken Bioreactors, Shaker Incubators, Shaking Machines and Shake Flask sensor technologies in our Swiss factory. The “Kuhner Shaker” name stands for well designed, well built, reliable and long lasting high quality machines but also for a personal and trusting relationship with our customers.

Kuhner Shaker has a reputation for inventive ingenuity at high standards. We achieve this by our experience, Scientific knowledge, in-house design and production. For customers there is the peace of mind of having access to our highly skilled service and support team. Last but not least our shaking and shaken culture equipment is delivered with a standard 5 years guarantee.

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