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Scinus Cell Expansion

Scinus Cell Expansion provides technologies and process development to enable and improve cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Our main product is the SCINUS bioreactor NG, which is a closed bioreactor system for the controlled cultivation of cells, supporting R&D as well as GMP processes. Combined with either the single-use Adherent or Suspension Bag it provides a scalable system for large-fold expansion. The temperature-controlled hardware enclosure houses the Single-use Bags on a unique, volume-expandable, rocking platform that provides an optimally homogenized culture environment with minimal shear stresses. Two different single use bioreactor bag can be used to cultivate adherent cells (e.g. human mesenchymal stromal cells), as well as suspension cells (e.g. T-cells, NK cells) to clinically relevant numbers. Both bags can be used with the same Scinus Cell Expansion system configuration. For an illustrative animation, please check our website ( and SCINUS bioreactor NG (

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