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Cornelis Boersma


Prof. Dr. Cornelis Boersma (1978) has a master’s degree in pharmacy and a PhD in pharmaco-epidemiology, health economics and health policy (University of Groningen). He has ~20 years of experience in healthcare from various roles such as scientific researcher, teacher, consultant and the positions he held at the pharmaceutical industry. Cornelis is an independent consultant (Health-Ecore), entrepreneur (Digital Health Link, SensUR Health and PITTS). Cornelis is Professor ‘Sustainable Health and Innovation’ at the Open University and health economic researcher at the University of Groningen/University Medical Center Groningen. Here, his research focuses on health-economic and epidemiological studies as well as health policy/system research. He is supervisor of ~15 PhD-students and has over 75 national and international scientific publications (H-index: 18). He is an active member of various committees and boards such as the NADP (Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform), Sustainable Health Accelerator (chair of the Foundation), VEROZ for entrepreneurship in healthcare (scientific advisor) and ParkinsonNL (chair of the social advisory council). In everything he does, he wants to contribute to most optimal, accessible and affordable health(care) for everyone. It is his ambition to invest – in collaboration with private and public parties – in sustainable health(care).

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