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The limited availability of accurate & reliable techniques for analytical characterization of AAV vectors is causing obstacles worldwide for laboratories trying to find treatments for genetic disorders. PROGEN is a leading manufacturer and exclusive provider of AAV analytical tools which support the development of safe and efficient gene therapy. Our products include AAV ELISA kits, AAV protein & capsid standards, AAV antibodies and density gradient media. PROGEN‘s AAV ELISA kits and capsid standards are mainly used for capsid titer quantification during analytical characterization, and our exclusive AAV antibodies and VP protein standards serve common methods used for AAV vector manufacturing and characterization, as well as analysis of pre-existing AAV antibodies in patient sera. We strive to understand what scientists need so we can create solutions and ultimately deliver high quality and exclusive AAV products, which solve the challenges within academia, biotech and pharma. Our mission is to help advance new therapies and develop existing research processes safely, quickly and affordably by providing AAV tools along the complete value chain – from basic research, to manufacturing and quality control.

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