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About ProtaGene

ProtaGene provides analytical solutions to progress the development of biologics and cell and gene therapeutics. From research to commercial product release, we provide the most advanced, integrated, and complete analytical solutions and expert consultation to support our global clients’ decision-making throughout the development process.

Industry-leading Expertise Advancing Gene Therapy Safety

We have been at the forefront of developing DNA/RNA and protein analytics that advance gene therapy safety.

CMC & Product Development

  • Enabling Process Development Solutions

  • Complex Vector Characterization

  • CQAs & Correlations

Custom Process Residuals & Impurity Methods

  • Genome & Gene Editing Analysis

  • Gene Expression Quantitation

Bioanalysis Support

  • Safety Assessments by Integration Site Analysis

  • Biodistribution

  • Transgene Expression

  • Vector Shedding

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