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VIVEbiotech is a CDMO developing and GMP manufacturing lentiviral vectors with wide and robust experience in manufacturing vectors for rare/ultrarare diseases and for immune-cell therapy projects i.e. CAR-Ts, TCRs...

VIVEbiotech is currently working for more than 40 international customers based in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia according to both the FDA´s and the EMA´s standards. VIVEbiotech manufactures lentiviral vectors that are being used for the development of both gene-modified cell therapy products -ex-vivo administration- as well as for gene therapy products -in-vivo administration.

VIVEbiotech has an innovation department as well as two process optimization departments for both upstream -USP- production and downstream -DSP- purification. The activities of these departments consist of improving the cost-effectiveness, scalability, regulatory or quality compliance of the production process, and the intrinsic biological characteristics of the vectors themselves.

VIVEbiotech very recently expanded facilities and has now seven cleanrooms specifically set up for lentiviral-vector manufacturing. This has allowed significantly increasing our production capacity. In these new facilities VIVEbiotech is capable of manufacturing from early-stage to clinical and commercial batches.

Contact email

Dr. Natalia Elizalde

Dr. Giovanna Zanella



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